Find Us

There are multiple different ways to find our location, below we have listed a few simple steps to make sure you reach us safely.

If your using a SAT Nav:

Simply type our address into the correct fields:

Thrill Seekers Extreme Sports Ltd.

4 Ruiton Street,
DY3 2EG,
West Midlands

Find us by Google Search:

Simply type 'Thrill Seekers Extreme Sports into google and you'll see this page appear...

Then just click on  and it will automatically put our address into your phone or computer.

Find us by Google Maps:

Simply type into Google Maps 'Thrill Seekers Extreme Sports' and it will automatically load our location for you.

If all else fails and your still struggling to find us please give us a call on 07712 238329 and we'll be happy to assist you with further directions.