Tooth Loose Juice - 4 Flavour 10ml Sample Pack

  • £7.95


Welcome to the mouth watering world of Tooth Loose Juice! We have created four lip smacking flavours to put your taste buds in overdrive!

Not many brands off sample packs in this day and age, Tooth Loose Juice have stepped up their game and let you try all four flavours before you go for a larger bottle or two!

Flavour Profile:

Rock Ya Jaw:

Are you ready to refresh your senses? This ones a real treat! Freshly squeezed pink grapefruit blended with a soothing mango and lychee undertone!

Blue Tongue:

Are you ready to refresh your senses? Beautifully blended blue raspberries transformed into your favourite slush puppy flavour, guaranteed to take your right back to your childhood!

Mango Molars:

Are you ready to refresh your senses? Heaps of Tropical and Mango flavours neatly accompanied by a cool exhale to keep your teeth chattering!

Canine Crush:

Are you ready to refresh your senses? Sweet sticky oranges mashed together with the crispest red grapes, freshly picked for your pleasure!

Don't believe us? Try them all now in 10ml sample bottles!

Additional Information: 

PG/VG Ratio: 70/30

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