Vapor Tech Morpheus Replacement Coils

Vapor Tech Morpheus Replacement Coils

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The chances are if your looking at this listing you may have read online, been told by a friend or a local shop that your Smok coils can be easily replaced by Vaportech Morpheus coils which will stop your coils burning out so quickly and actually cost less per pack to purchase!

Coil Specification:

S2 Coil - 
0.6 Ohm, 20-50W/Best 30-40W (Equivalent to Smok Baby Q2 Coil (0.6)

M2 Coil - 0.4 Ohm, 40-80W/Best 55-65W (Equivalent to Smok Baby Q2 Coil  (0.4)

M4 Coil - 0.15 Ohm, 30-70W/Best 45-60W (Equivalent to Smok Baby X4 Coil (0.15)

M6 Coil - 0.20 Ohm, 40-130W/Best 70-90W (Equivalent to Smok Baby T6 Coil (0.20)

M8 Coil - 0.15 Ohm, 50-110W/Best 60-80W (Equivalent to Smok Baby T8 Coil (0.15)


5 x Vapor Tech Morpheus atomizer/coils heads in sealed packaging.

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